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Son of Raul Damásio and Florinda Damásio, born in the province of Benguela, Matias Damásio made his debut in music at the then 17th edition of the “Chuva de Estrelas” contest promoted by TPA - Televisão Pública de Angola, before recording, in 2005, the his first solo album entitled “Victory”. In 2008, Matias Damásio records and launches his second album, entitled “Amor e Festa na Lixeira”, a tribute to the neighborhood where he was born and lived until the middle of his youth, located on the outskirts of the City of Benguela. With two albums on the market and a more consolidated artistic career, Matias Damásio won several awards such as: 1st Place in one of the editions of the Gala on Friday, Canção Cidade de Luanda, Variante2003, Prêmio da Canção da LAC, Prêmio Figuras e Negócios , Top dos Mais Queridos da RNA and Top Rádio Luanda, crowning a golden trajectory, which places him among the most titled in the country. Currently, he has four albums: “Vitória” in 2005, “Amor e Festa na Lixeira” in 2008, “Por Angola” in 2012 and “Por Amor” in 2015.


“Por Amor” arrives in Portugal in September 2016, and it is, we are not afraid to say it, one of the most beautiful albums ever. The Angolan singer and songwriter portrays, over 12 songs, stories of love, strength, hope, optimism and pride in his country, in its history. This record also celebrates 10 years of a unique career by one of Angola's most recognized and awarded artists. “Por Amor” also features collaborations with Prodígio (Força Suprema), Laton (Kalibrados) and, on the single “Loucos”, with Héber Marques (from HMB).


Matias Damásio, known as an artist of love for the homeland, characterized by expressing and exalting patriotic values in his works, as well as personal love in a lyrical and subjective way, conquered and has conquered the hearts of Angolans and everyone around the world.

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