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Ricardo Caiado


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Buba Espinho is a young singer from Alentejo - a region in the South of Portugal, the cradle of Cante Alentejano - living and feeling traditional music since an early age through the influence of his father, also a musician, who gave him the important mission of preserving it.


Despite his young age, Buba Espinho already has a long history in music: first in Cante Alentejano (he joined the most known groups of this genre until 2016) and then, while assuming his place as a Fado singer, he won the “Great Night of Fado”, becoming one of the most awaited promises of the new generation of Fado singers.


Then he decided to start a career that has meant to be for long. He left Alentejo and went to Lisbon, singing in the most iconic Fado Houses in the city and from there to the main national stages, with outstanding performances at the most important venues in Portugal, including the biggest Portuguese Festival, NOS Alive. Buba Espinho has also started a promising career overseas, singing in England, Timor, Canada, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, France, etc.


Besides presenting his first solo concerts he enjoyed exploring music composition and his first songs were recorded. The relationship between two intangible cultural heritages - Cante Alentejano and Fado - can be sensed when we listen to him. If Cante Alentejano surrounded him since he was a kid, Fado appeared later but in a natural way, and he realized he could combine in perfect harmony both influences of his roots.


2020 is the year of his first studio album release bringing within the difficult harmony between youth and tradition, between the countryside and the city and between the legacy of generations of Portuguese music and the courage to take risks and innovate.


Let us close our eyes, let us take on a real and unforgettable journey departing from Alentejo on the way to the trendiest European capital: Lisbon. 

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